shoes, shoes and more shoes!

my white flat shiny shoes from a random shop in Mandarin Gallery

I loved the red heel
Gorgeous pair of heels from Max Mara (Mom has the same pair -.-")
Max Mara!
(didnt have the chance to wear them yet)

Max & Co
(ridiculously high, luckily its not heavy but i get tired of walking on these)
If your heels are really stand out,wear a simple outfit to make it balance and people will notice your heels and your beautiful legs! :p

On a rainy day~

KK finally rained ! Was loving it till we went to Luna Rosa for lunch. There were no parking around that area and it raining heavily, we managed to park infront of cock & bull and decided to run for it! We were soaking wet and found out that Luna Rosa was closed on Monday!! What a day! But we had a good laugh! And went to eat at Mosaic! :)

Jet thinks its weird to wear rain boots in KK (i thought so too)
my lacoste rainy boots

Scones with Jam and Cream~

Ever since Meizi made her homemade scones for me in Auckland, i was craving for them! I'm not a fan of bread but scone is my favourite now! :p

I can't find good scones in KK so I've decided to bake them myself! Found a really simple recipe for scone and tried it out and surprisingly, they turned out really good! They taste heavenly when u eat them with jam and fresh cream! It's a must!!! Scrumptious!

must go with jam and fresh cream! YUMZ!
My first homemade scones!

If you're a scone lover and was thinking what should i do for this weekend! Try baking them!


3 cups self-raising flour
80g butter
1 tablespoon sugar (its up to you how much you want to put in, mine has no sugar at all)
1 1/4 cup milk

Additional :

You can put raisins, nuts, berries and etc!
I actually added 1 egg (just use the yolk only to make it fluffier)

Baked for 20 min or until its brown gold (temp 180-200)

Have it with a cuppa! Perfect for a tea gathering with friends or just by yourself with a good book!

A day with you

I enjoyed spending time with you, although we fight and argued over a small thing but that's what make us grow even stronger cos' we cared and loved each other..yes yes, i know i have those temper that i need to control but that's what makes me..ME! haha!

we fly paper planes..
yummy white sauce pasta that you cooked..

Night Blues~

You know, one of those days, you get these sinking feeling, low, moody and etc..its normal to feel that way! It's right after dinner, i just lost it..feeling really low, tried to make myself happy by singing with my new karaoke machine but it didn't work..

I hate it when im feeling down, i want to be 'sayang' but sometimes i know i can't just rely on all these, i need to make myself happy..find out what's bothering me and fix it..and then have a good night sleep :)

Anyway, just wanna update on twestival, it was a big success especially the Auction part!! The boys were so sporting and i know some of them were really shy but it took alot of courage to be up there! Thank u guys! U guys were great! And also to all the volunteers who helped out and our sponsors who sponsored so many things for the event!! Thanks to my dear for helping me out selling cupcakes :)

And our twestival cupcakes!! I am sooo proud of them!! Thanks to Angeline who stayed up all night without sleep just to do the birdie!
I'm in love with the cupcakes!! Too pretty to eat!!
And then our breeze's 2nd anniversary cupcakes!! They looked absolute beautiful ~~!!

Proud to be one of Twestival team members! Thanks Jackie!

Sneak a Peak at our Eligible Bachelors of Twestival

Jackie has already announced one of the bachelors in twestival blog which is Jordan Khong, an Ex-British Policeman! And was voted in Female Magazine as one of the 50 Most Gorgeous People in Malaysia.

Our 2nd Bachelor of the night, Alan Lip - Marketing Director of Pine Academy and Sales and Markerting Director of Think Workshop Sdn Bhd. Graduated from University of Tasmania and has a PR there. He currently developing business in KK and taking Master of Business Admin. He's a dreamer and also an adventurer! He enjoys eating,traveling,basketball,movie and many more.

Introducing the 3rd bachelor of the night, Welfred Saw - Event Manager of Think Workshop Sdn Bhd. Graduated from Monash Uni, loves sport and traveling, loves shoes and kids. Wish to have his own fashion cafe in the future n dream to have a nice car.

And we have another Bachelor which we will only surprise the ladies on that night, a clue - he's related to CORE FITNESS.. :p

It has arrived!!

My wire mannequin is hereeeeee~!! I am so uber happy!! Just loved dressing it up!! Haha~~

The outfit that i wore today!

loose purple jacket, white singlet and a black skirt for tomorrow!
nice & simple!